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Laguna Beach Police Officers Memorial Artwork Fund, Stu News, 12-24-13

Momentum Builds for Police Memorial, Independent, 12-15-13

Hearts of Montage presents $5,000 to LB Police Memorial, Stu News, 12-6-13

Former Martha Stewart garden editor speaks to the Garden Club, Stu News, 12-6-13

Police Department Memorial Fundraiser January 27, Stu News, 11-29-13

Laguna Beach Community Foundation Adds New Trustees, Stu News, 11-22-13

Glennwood Meets Special Need for Independence, OC Register, 10-4-13

Video Inspires Underwater Awe, Laguna Beach Independent, 9-30-13

Peter and Kathy Halper Give the Gift of Giving, Stu News, 8-13-13

Laguna Beach Business Club will hear from LBCF, Stu News, 7-12-13

Glennwood House Nearly Ready for Residents, Coastline, 6-28-13

Glennwood House Recipient of Community Foundation Grant, Stu News, 6-14-13

Locals Support Glennwood's Garden, Laguna Beach Independent, 6-13-13

Community Foundation supports LOCA arts education, Stu News, 6-11-13

Berns Donate to State Park, Laguna Beach Independent, 6-6-13

Exploring Moro Canyon, Laguna Beach Magazine, June 2013

Michael & Tricia Berns donated $1M for ‘Study Loop’ in Crystal Cove, Stu News, 5-31-13

Uniquely Educational and Sustainable 'Study Loop' in Crystal Cove, WSJ, 5-30-13

Students Go Behind Camera For My Hero Project 4-12-13

Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club Awarded Grant 4-4-13

Balzer Chair and Five New Trustees 4-2-13

LBCF Grants Are Making a Difference to Our Local Nonprofits 4-2-13

New Trustees Join Foundation 3-29-13

LBCF Grants Are Makinga Difference to Our Local Nonprofits 3-29-13

Bluebelt Brochure Maps Laguna's Special Coves and Beaches 3-28-13

Playhouse Gets Funds to Open Moulton Theatre More Often 3-28-13

Crosscultural Council Receives Grant 3-28-13

Laguna Ocean Foundation LBCF Recipient 3-26-13

Laguna Beach Community Foundation Professional Council Workshop 3-21-13

Laguna Couple Gives Back 3-13

Crevier DAF Distribution to LB Seniors 2-15-13

Love of Laguna Inspires Couple for Charitable Giving 2-5-13

Seniors in need supported by LB Community Foundation Grant 2-5-13

Chamber Hands Out Spirit Awards 2-1-13

Charitable Fund Announced 2-1-13


Nonprofits Profit from Community Foundation, Coastline, 12-5-12

Wish-list Fulfilled for Some Local Nonprofits, Laguna Beach Independent, 12-5-12

LBCF Granted $94,900 to 25 Local Organizations, Stu News, 12-7-12

Sue Gilbert Memorial Gift Fund Benefits LBCF, Stu News, 10-12-12

Laguna HEROES Wanted! 5th Annual Laguna Hero Festival, Stu News, 7-27-12

Roll-a-thon Raises Money for Glennwood House, OC Register, 7-17-12

Don't miss our upcoming workshop for the 2012 Grant Application Process. Flyer

LBCF Adds Jim Jaqua to Its Board of Trustees, Stu News, 3-6-12

Mary Fegraus Honored with Legacy Award, Stu News, 1-31-12

LOCA Appoints Executive Director, Stu News, 2-3-12

Laguna's Movers and Shakers, Stu News, 2-2012

The Laguna Playhouse Receives Grant, Stu News, 2-10-12

Glennwood Housing Foundation Receives Grant, Stu News, 2-3-12

Grant Money Goes To Woman's Club, Coastline, 1-18-12

Grant Will Help with Cardiac Screening, Coastline, 1-12-12

Grant Equips SchoolPower for Fundraising Efficiency, Stu News, 1-17-12

Laguna Beach Live! Receives Grant, Huntington Beach Independent, 1-26-12

Art Alliance Awarded Grant, Coastline, 1-5-12


Growing Up, Not Giving Up, OC Register, 12-20-11

The Big Tuba, Coastline, 12-10-11

Community Foundation Taking Donations, Coastline 12-15-11

Laguna Beach Foundation Grows Grants Program, OC Register, 12-5-11

LB Community Foundation Awarded $140,550, Stu News, 12-6-11

Jaquas, LBCF Partner, Stu News, 12-2-11

LBCF Announces Professional Council, two articles, Nov. 2011

Hotelier's Generosity Lives On, Laguna Beach Independent, 11-9-11