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We look forward to strengthening the power behind our combined networks and together, helping to build a brighter future today. With a $1,000 contribution, you will be supporting the Laguna Beach Community Enrichment Fund and helping to further the activities and services provided here in Laguna Beach.

Thank you to our current ambassadors. Your annual support as an Ambassador is invaluable and truly appreciated by everyone at the Laguna Beach Community Foundation.

  • Georgia Andersen
  • Rick Balzer
  • Michael Berns
  • Tricia Berns
  • Kathleen Blackburn
  • Connie Buwalda
  • Vern Buwalda
  • Richard T. Cirelli
  • Donnie Crevier
  • Bob Dornin
  • Joni Fontaine
  • Ken Frank
  • Robert Gamez
  • Joe Hanauer
  • El Hathaway
  • Betsy Jenkins
  • Gary Jenkins, MD
  • Peter Kote
  • Barbara MacGillivray
  • Greg MacGillivray
  • Peter McMahon
  • Jim McQueen, JD
  • Mark O'Connor
  • Michael Pinto
  • Ann Quilter
  • Susan Reese
  • Carol Reynolds
  • Mike Rice
  • Ed Sauls
  • Mark Simon
  • Morris Skenderian
  • Terry Smith
  • Ivan Spiers
  • Myron Wacholder
  • Robert Whalen
  • Bill Wood

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